Appliance repair in Irvine

Appliance repair in Irvine

Searching for Appliance repair in Irvine? You have already spent money buying your Frigidaire appliance and it will be horrible if you allow just anyone to come on over and tinker with it. An inexperienced appliance repair man will just make things worse. Calling on the pros may cost a tad bit more but at least you can be sure that we will do a stellar job. What is even better is that the as pros we will provide a guarantee for our work for 30 days for labor so if after we have fixed the problem and your appliance goes on the blink again, we come in and do extra work free of charge. We also provide extended warranty up to 5 years on most of the parts so even after several years you can be sure that you won’t have to pay for the same part again if it fails.

D&V appliance repair in Orange County has been a family owned and operated company since 2005. Our main goal is to provide quality appliance service for our customers to earn their trust and confidence. During these years we have helped 1000’s of happy customers. We understand that it can be stressful when your appliance breaks down. We do our best to come as soon as possible and work fast as we can to get the problem fixed. That’s why it became our company’s strategy to invest in two things: our technicians’ education and training, and our appliance parts stock, making sure that majority of the appliance problems we can fix in one trip.

We will do our best to come to you the same day you call. We will also consider your availability and preferences. For your convenience and better service our technicians have most parts in their vans to perform a repair immediately. All the parts we use are genuine factory parts. In cases when it’s necessary to order a part we will deliver it as soon as possible. See extra info on Thermador Appliance Repair Service in Orange County.

For Orange County Appliance Repair Call us today 714-204-3140 or schedule an appointment on-line. We will come at the most suitable time for your and will consider all your preferences and customer our service will be happy to answer all your questions regarding appliance repairs. We are open from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM every Monday through Saturday. We are also on call after our normal scheduled hours and on weekends for emergency repair services.

broken refrigerator at your house can ruin your day and bring some troubles, but having a commercial refrigerator malfunction can cause negative impact on your business. Any refrigeration system used in warehouses, stores, restaurants, café are involved in the business activity and used to store large amount of perishable products. Malfunction of these appliances can be a cause of significant financial losses. Quick and proper troubleshooting and professional refrigerator repair service plays a huge role here. Any delays in repair process will increase the risk of food spoilage; in addition, insufficient quality of performed repair can cause further breakdown of commercial refrigerator which can easily double the financial losses of your business, which are not limited to the cost of spoilt food, but also include consequential damages as lost profit, possible penalties and loss of customers’ confidence. You can minimize these risks by performing preventive maintenance and regular status checks of major components and parts. The regular maintenance help reduce the number of appliance emergencies you have to deal with and add some years to the life of your refrigerator. But if the problem already occurred all you can do is wisely chose and hire the best commercial refrigerator repair professional.

LG Electronics also offers washing machines, with many different washer and dryer combinations, depending on your preference for energy source and consumption. They have stand-alone dryers, and they also have front-load washers or top-load washers to match your style as well as your comfort when doing the laundry. Their laundry machines have the WaveForce and TurboWash Technology which make them highly efficient in cleaning. Coupled with the dryers which are more energy-efficient, using LG appliances can help save on your energy consumption.

If you are looking for modern appliances which are not made by American brands or if you would like to simply try a different brand, you can try out the ones that Samsung has to offer. They offer microwaves, dishwashers, washers and dryers and refrigerators among other home appliances. They also have gas, induction, and electric ranges in different models, sizes, and price brackets. From side-in ranges with built-in ovens, or a more traditional gas range, they have it in store for you. Like other refrigerator manufacturers, Samsung also has French door refrigerators, or those which are side-by-side and have bottom freezers. Their latest products have the ultra-high capacity or the Twin Cooling Plus system to help keep food fresher for a longer time. Also available in different capacities, sizes, models, and colors, their refrigerators can help you maintain the quality of the food your family has.

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