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Port Canaveral parking

The rate for onsite Port Canaveral Cruise parking at the port is $17 per vehicle or RV, per day or part day. You will also be charged for your day of arrival and day of departure. By staying further from the port and using a shuttle, you can save up to $96 on cruise parking for a 7-day cruise! Off-port cruise parking prices range from $5.95 to $10.95 per day. Lots of Honor offers additional discounts to veterans, first responders and their accompanying families. For cruises in excess of 4 days, the cheapest option is Go Port Canaveral. They offer free cruise parking for up to 15 days and just charge for the shuttle transport. Disabled travelers meeting certain criteria can obtain free parking at the official cruise terminal parking lot.

Located right near the port are a couple of restaurants perfect for watching the cruise ships. The spots include Grills and Fishlips. The restaurants are your classic beach fare – burgers, seafood, beer, and cocktails – and offer large decks perfect for hanging out. If you have some time before you board your ship, they offer a neat place to sit and have a drink and a bite while viewing the ships nearby. Extra details regarding Port Canaveral cruise parking.

Back to this one. Driving to your cruise can be about as stress-free as you can imagine. Road trips are easier (and more fun) than flying because it gives you more time to plan, pack and get yourself in a vacation mindset. You can check and double-check that you’ve packed everything from sunscreen to socks. You have the chance to pick up whatever you forgot (because we always forget something, don’t we?) as you drive to your cruise. You can be sure you’ve printed out all the cruise confirmations, luggage tags and documents you need to get onboard. And you can turn around the car when 15 minutes later you realize you left a passport/birth certificate/phone/phone charger sitting by the door; once you’re through security at an airport, those forgotten items are nothing but stress dragging your vacation down.

If you are traveling on the Disney Cruise Line, you’ll have some specific transportation options offered to you. These are available at an additional fee, but I find them to be so convenient. We always take the shuttle. There are two options – one leaving Orlando International Airport, and one leaving from the Walt Disney World resort hotels. You’ll want to add these on your trip itinerary when you book, or later through DCL or the travel agent you booked with. There are other options as well, including shuttles, private cars, Uber/Lyft, and cabs. Port Canaveral parking is also available. It’s currently $17 per day, and you’ll park near the your specific cruise terminal. If you are hoping to get a rental car so you can continue to explore the area after your cruise, there are several options available. As always, I recommend booking in advance to make sure there is a car available when you need it.

Park N Cruise is a family owned and operated parking and shuttle service. We’re dedicated to providing outstanding value at a discounted rate while maintaining the highest level of customer service available. Book today to discover better, easier, and faster off-site Port Canaveral cruise parking! Not convinced? Check out more about us below and learn a little Park N Cruise history.


New product reviews website Candidly

Aquiring goods without reading a review first it’s everytime a troublesome choice. Here is a new website where you can read all kind of product reviews : CandidlyReviewed.com.

Our mission is to eliminate the dreaded “buyer’s remorse” by recommending the right product for any lifestyle and budget. We do that by evaluating product reviews to be sure only those that are authentic and trustworthy are factored into our final recommendations. Read more info on https://candidlyreviewed.com/.

Merrick Grain Free Recipe Dry Dog Food is so proud of its ingredients that they place the bulk of their ingredient list right on the front in big bold font. The first 5 ingredients are ones that knock it out of the park: deboned beef, lamb meal, sweet potatoes, peas and potatoes. Everything in the top 5 are things you’d put on your plate – if you ate well balanced and healthy meal, that is. This grain-free dog food is a high protein food in each of it’s 9 available flavors; boasting a 70% protein recipe and 30% fruits and vegetables. Merrick even makes the effort to buy their ingredients locally and only if they’re unavailable do they pursue other sources. The manufacturer includes a chart for recommended portions and calories per day along with tips on how to transition to a new dog food. It has over 2,000 reviews on Amazon with a rating of 4.3, you know plenty of people are sold on the quality and value of this dog food. And with the Omega-3s and Omega6s, you’ll very likely see the improvement in your pup’s joints and coat, too. Read more info on best organic dog food brands.

This premium dog food by Organix comes in three different choices and is specifically designed to meet the needs of adult dogs, puppies, and large breeds. The package size varies from 5.25 pounds to 25 pounds so you can choose the most convenient one according to your dog’s needs. Keep in mind that larger packages are mainly intended for large dog breeds because the freshness of the food disappears if you keep the package open for too long. The real organic chicken is the number one ingredient in this delicious food which also includes organic quinoa. Quinoa is a very rich grain that offers plenty of health benefits, including a constant gluten-free source of fiber, vital for a good digestion. The product is also rich in Omega 3 fatty acids that will provide a healthy and glowing skin and coat for your dog, as well as tangle-free fur. The Organix Castor & Pollux dog food is entirely made in the United States with all local and natural ingredients and doesn’t contain soy, corn or wheat. It is hand-crafted in small batches so you can ensure a fresh and tasty food for your four-legged pet.

If you’re a frequent traveler you’re probably all too familiar with headphones that can’t hold a charge and can’t block out sound, let alone sound very good. Let us introduce you to the Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2, one of the few headphones on the market that can do all of the above and cost less than half as much as one of the bigger names like Beats, Bose and Sony. They also include a neat little feature that allows them to automatically turn off when you’re not wearing them, meaning you’re able to easily maximise their battery life without much effort. If we had to boil it down to its core, the BackBeat Pro 2 offers an excellent travel headphone with incredible battery life, supreme comfort, the ability to pair two device as once and, most importantly, good sound quality for the cost. Read extra info at List of Best bluetooth headphones under $50.

After testing 176 pairs of headphones and considering over 100 more, we think the Sony H.ear On 2 WH-H900N is the best set of Bluetooth wireless headphones. It sounds great for music and phone calls, provides better-than-average noise cancelling, and offers more than 25 hours of battery life. These headphones are very comfortable and they come in several colors, too. The NAD HP70 is the best-sounding pair of Bluetooth headphones we’ve heard. It’s also one of the most comfortable pairs of headphones, with a lightweight chassis and supersoft memory-foam earpads that make it a joy to wear, even for long periods of time. It includes decent active noise cancelling as well. The set has a sleek, minimalist look and easy-to-use controls. With 15-hour (or longer) battery life, you can get through several workdays before needing to plug this pair in-plus, you can use it in wired mode. Although the active noise cancelling isn’t as good as that of the Sony H.ear On 2 WH-H900N, it is still effective, especially with airplane noise. And NAD covers the HP70 with a two-year warranty, which is twice as long as most.

Latest free to play car selling games JunkyardTycoon on mobile

Junkyard Tycoon is a simulation game where you start your own junkyard garage. Buy vehicles or vehicle parts, detach vehicles to parts, sell them and make the profit to enrich your empire! While making good business out of junk vehicle parts in time, become a Junkyard Tycoon of the year! Just focus on buying and selling vehicles or vehicle parts. The twist of the game is that you can make a profit while selling different vehicle parts. You can buy cars, trucks, tractors, hero cars on scrapyard prices and you will be selling vehicle parts one by one to make good money. It is a perfect way to test your business and money making skills!

Buy scrape vehicles, detach vehicle components, collect special items, sell vehicle components, repair, and press vehicles, craft new items! See extra details at JunkyardTycoon free to play tycoon games.

I waited to write the review until I played awhile. All I can say is WOW!!!! This has to be the best game I’ve played in quite awhile. your add watch for rewards system is how it should be done across the industry. Anyone who even mumbles “pay to win”, never even bothered to play the game. I’ve spent the first two days of my vacation playing and the wife says I have to get off my phone lol. Great job DIV’S. I look forward to your next endever. keep up the visionary level work. You Rock. Get it on Google Play : JunkyardTycoon.com best tycoon games.

Love the game. me, my husband and my son all play it. it’s addicting fun, and educational in its own way. great for free time, break time, or bathroom time away from the kids lol.. all in all a wonderful and fun filled game. can’t wait for updates and see how far the production of this goes.. great graphics and different things to do keeps you more interested and all the different places and cars make it more interesting.

The Brick Factory is the building where you can produce brick to construct buildings. The Brick Factory, which can be upgraded to the 10. level, increases the production capacity of brick with every level. When Brick Factory reaches the final level, if you have enough materials, you can start production of 1000 bricks. Brick Factory offers you 3 different machines and 6 different worker services for your brick production. While machines determine the hourly production amount, employees provide bonuses such as shortening time or increasing efficiency. You also need to have water and clay materials to produce bricks.

The Showroom building, allows you to sell repaired, second-hand cars. After you determine to price on a specific scale according to the value of the vehicle you repaired, you need just to confirm your vehicle to sell! However, remember that the higher the price of your repaired vehicle, the more you wait for it to be sold.

Be careful what you purchase, look at selling price, then the actual value! Sometimes the most expensive vehicle is not how you make the most Some times the cheapest automobile brings the most profit! Save your diamonds! You will need them later in the game. As you progress through the game you’ll get better car’s, trucks, luxury vehicles lot’s of fun. Get it on Apple Store : JunkyardTycoon.com best business tycoon games.

At first it was kind of lame, but once you get playing you can’t stop! Especially once you unlock the repair shop. I’m still working on getting the car dealership unlocked. But getting materials for it is pretty challenging

More buildings and vehicles : The Stone Quarry is the building where you can produce stone for the construction of the buildings. The building, which can be upgraded to the 10. level, increases the stone production capacity every level. When Stone Quarry reaches the final level, if you have enough materials, you can start the production of 1000 stone. Stone Quarry offers you 3 different machines and 3 different worker services for your stone production. While machines determine the hourly production amount, employees provide bonuses such as shortening time or increasing efficiency.

The Vehicle Ramp is used to dismantle or repair your vehicles from every level and rarity. Vehicle Ramps consist of 4 levels in total. The first level standard vehicles can be dismantled only on “0 Star” Vehicle Ramps. Trucks can be dismantled on “1 Star” Vehicle Ramps. “2 Stars” Vehicle Ramps are able to carry tractors. On the “3 star” Vehicle Ramps, you can host the most valuable and special vehicles of the Junkyard Tycoon world.